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PNG to SWF converter

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Why do you need this?
To make your landscape loaded 10 times faster in YoWindow weather widget

PNG files are very large.
JPEG files are small, but they cannot be transparent.
SWF files are small and support transparency.

With this service you can compress a large PNG file with JPEG algorithm.
As a result you will get an SWF file.
In most cases SWF file size is 10 times smaller than the original PNG image.
Then you can replace PNG for SWF in your landscape.

PNG file:
JPEG compression level (0 - 100):

WARNING: Unfortunately, SWF files cannot be opened inside YoWindow from your computer hard drive.

You can only open SWF based landscapes from a web-server. This is a security restriction of Flash. It is a good idea to keep 2 versions of the landscape folder - for web-site and for YoWindow desktop.

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